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April 8, 2010
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Seto Kaiba sat at his desk reading during class recess. Mostly everyone was out of their seats chatting with their friends. Over next to the window, Yugi Moto, Joey Wheeler, and Duke Devlin were also chatting about being the King of Games, after Yugi defeated Pegasus.

Joey: So Yuge, how does it feel bein' the "King of Games?"

Yugi: Never been better! Although, since I won against Pegasus more and more people have been challenging me to Duel Monsters.

Duke: Think about it Yugi. People want to test their strength against the guy who beat an undefeatable cheater who contained the Millenium Eye!

Yugi: I shouldn't take all the credit though. If I didn't have the Millenium Puzzle or any of my friends, my soul would be stolen and the Puzzle.

Joey: Speaking of friends, where's Tristan and Tea?

The three boys looked around the room to find their missing friends. Yugi looked towards the teacher's desk direction, no one was in that area. Duke tooked toward the classroom exit, where the most teens were waiting to leave. Not one sight of them was seen. Joey looked in the direction of Seto where he found the male staring at him from the corner of his eye. That made Yugi's friend blush and turn his head quickly away. Duke and Yuge were smiling and laughing at his reaction.

Duke: Oho! Seems someone have a crush on you Joey!

Yugi: And out of all people, it's Kaiba!

Joey: Hey-hey shut up!

Yugi: Why don't you go talk to him after school?

Joey: Well...

Duke: Oh, you're crushing on him too!

Joey: Shut up Duke!


After the three boys had their conversation, the bell rang. Joey walked with Yugi out of the class. Duke parted with his fellow friends and headed home. Yugi brought up Kaiba in the conversation.

Yugi: Hey Joey, I think Duke was right. When he said you were crushing on Kaiba.

Joey: ...

There was a human figure standing in the shadows of the trees. Seto was sitting under a tree reading his book from earlier unaware of Yugi and Joey who were passing.

Yugi: *whispers* C'mon Joey, nows your chance!

Joey: *whispers* Yuge, I can't just yet...!

Yugi: Hey, he was already looking at you in class, you might as well go tell him now!

Joey: Okay, okay fine! But ya watchin' from a distance!

Yugi: Right!

He ran around the tree where Seto was sitting under and moved behind a closer one. Joey slowly moved towards Kaiba. Alot of pressure building up. The blond finally reached the occupied boy and sat next to him.

Joey: Umm... K-Kaiba...?

Kaiba: What is it Jounouchi?

Joey: Well... I noticed you, staring at me in class...

Kaiba: Yeah, and?

Joey: I was just wondering... if you liked me.

Kaiba: ...Why...?

Joey: Cause, I like you too.

The blond leaned in to kiss Seto. Yugi behind another tree was watching every moment. Joey kissed the Seto's cheek to start off with. Kaiba dropped his book, grabbed the blond by the shoulders, and planted a firm one right on his lips.

Yugi: (I knew Joey could do it! I just knew it! Millenium Puzzle, how do you think it turned out?)

Yami: (It turned out swell Yugi! It turned out very swell!)


At school the in the evening, Yugi, Duke, Tristan, and Tea were around the desk again, but this time talking about Joey and Kaiba.

Yugi: And then, he kissed him right on the lips.

Tristan, Tea, and Duke: Wow!

Tea: So that's why Joey spending more time with Kaiba.

Tristan: Scary if you ask me.

Duke: Well too bad, they're already dating! So get used to it!

Yugi: Look at the lovebirds now!

Joey was sitting on Kaiba's desk and kissed his newly boyfriend on the lips.

Joey: I love you Sety!

Kaiba: And I love you Joey!
I do NOT own Yugioh! All character's (C) belong to their owners.
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